CropDrop is a project coordinating the redistribution of allotment produce to community organisations in Bath & North East Somerset

CropDrop is coordinating the redistribution of fruit and vegetables from bountiful allotments and growers. Volunteer drivers transport this untapped resource to charity projects that provide food, alleviating food poverty across Bath & North East Somerset (B&NES).

We link allotments and food projects within the same area to help strengthen communities and minimise the food miles of the allotment produce.

An overview summary of 2023 is now available.

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An illustration of Cary, the CropDrop mascot

How it works

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    On an agreed day allotment holders leave their donations in an arranged collection box on-site, protected from the weather and potential hungry animals (usually in a box, behind a shed in the shade).

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    A volunteer driver picks up the fruit and vegetables and transports them to a charity project. In some cases, the volunteer drivers have come forward from the allotment growers or the charity projects themselves.

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    Charity projects offering food parcels distribute to their recipients soon after.

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CropDrop represents community action at its finest. The ingenuity and energy of the team has delivered so many benefits to local families, community centres, volunteers, and allotment holders. In doing so, it has made CropDrop a beacon of good practice for other parts of the country to follow.

Andrew Forsey

National Director, Feeding Britain