How It Works

  • 1

    On an agreed day allotment holders leave their donations in an arranged collection box on-site, protected from the weather and potential hungry animals (usually in a box, behind a shed in the shade).

  • 2

    A volunteer driver picks up the fruit and vegetables and transports them to a charity project. In some cases, the volunteer drivers have come forward from the allotment growers or the charity projects themselves.

  • 3

    Charity projects offering food parcels distribute to their recipients soon after.


A very special kale drop occurred in September 2020 and a map is available showing the distribution of 30kg of market garden kale to nine food charity projects across B&NES.

You can also view a webinar the team presented in October 2020 hosted by Feeding Britain, detailing the successes and challenges overcome during the first three months of the project.

We have produced some supporting documents including a project summary and the steps we would recommend if you wanted to start some CropDrop action in your location.